Tire Safety Tips for Porsche Owners

May 24th, 2023 by

It’s National Tire Safety Month. Please review the Porsche Walnut Creek Team’s guide to tire safety below.



3 Porsche Tire Maintenance Tips


  1. Proper Tire Pressure: Tires lose pressure with weather changes, usage, and the passing of time. Visit the Porsche Walnut Creek Service Drive for your complimentary tire pressure check.

  3. Porsche Tire Rotations: Did you know? Routine tire rotations help preserve your Porsche tire treads; therefore, your Porsche vehicle’s stopping distance and performance will not be impacted.

  5. Porsche Tire Balancing: Tire balancing assists your Porsche vehicle in running smoothly and preventing additional alignment & suspension issues.


Additional Porsche Tire Information


  • Porsche Tire Alignment: If you notice signs, like a pulsing steering wheel, pulling or additional road noise, please schedule a tire alignment with Porsche Walnut Creek Service Center.

  • Choose N-Specific Tires: When it is time for a tire replacement, we recommend always choosing genuine Porsche parts and accessories. Genuine Porsche parts and accessories are designed with the quality, precision, and performance specifications for your Porsche model. Porsche Walnut Creek carries the N-Specific tires your Porsche needs.

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